The risk management process does not make decisions, people do. 

Managing Risk Effectively

Assessing and managing risk is essential for all businesses to grow successfully.  An unwise new venture or poorly researched new partnership can result in significant cost implications and damaged reputations.

Risk management should only ever be the servant of the company with the role of helping it achieve its objectives by supporting consistent and intelligible decision making that is fully conscious of sources of uncertainty and how these should be dealt with. The risk management process does not make decisions, people do.

There are different occasions when good intelligence is needed. These include the growing opportunities presented by emerging markets and environmental changes that have redefined strategies and the aspirations of many multinational companies and organisations. There are also the setbacks already being faced in various existing sectors that need to be unravelled.  Every business faces critical threats and some of them can and do develop into a crisis if risks are not identified and mitigated before a transaction is completed or a relationship is established, or before there is disruption to achieving objectives. Sabre supports its clients to achieve their objectives by providing intelligence-based services.

Sabre provides a comprehensive approach, delivering a tailored service, designed to meet a client’s specific requirements – there are varying degrees of risk requiring different responses. We work with you every step of the way, applying intelligence skills, knowledge and experience.

- Due Diligence

- Investigations

- Legal

- Compliance and Ethics

- Social Risk Management

- Asset Searches

We work alongside national and international firms

Sabre is a privately owned and independent business focused on South East Asia, and Africa offering intelligence-led solutions in investigations, due diligence, and social risk management.

As companies with a greater geographical footprint look to expand into unknown territory with more challenging jurisdictions, they need expert support in helping them gather intelligence on the ground.

Our People

David Knight

Director and co-founder of Sabre

Director and co-founder of Sabre has wide-ranging experience of working in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mali and for the past 14 years South-East Asia, specifically in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. Over the past two decades David has provided strategic advice to major multi-national corporates on project feasibility, risk management, environmental issues, socio-economic and political impacts, security and logistics. 

David is a former Board Member, Hon Secretary and Chairperson of the Food, Forestry, Agriculture and Fisheries Committee at the British Chamber of Commerce Indonesia, and a past member of the Indonesian EU market access team. He was an invited member of a joint World Bank and Ghanaian Government Committee created to regenerate Ghanaian agricultural and environmental policy and practice. 

Jean Knight

Director and co-founder of Sabre

Jean Knight is Sabre’s Director of Policy and co-founder of Sabre. Jean has an MA degree in Innovations in Social Policy from Cambridge, UK. She is involved in many of Sabre’s projects to ensure that companies and communities are protected from project development risks.

Jean worked with a  UK government department for 17 years advising on the impacts of policy development and partnership working. Jean has also been involved in a number of projects in Africa and SE Asia including a water sustainability project in Namibia, the economic development of the Northern Cape in South Africa, the business expansion of a large company engaged in retail operational business licensing on behalf of high profile overseas brands in Indonesia, and a land and property dispute resolution in Bali.

Jean is intrinsic to ensuing that Sabre complies with local and national legislation including the rights of communities / business partners in order to protect clients from dispute challenges and risks of operational disruption.

Sabre Associates

Sabre Associates are carefully selected and are required to maintain transparency and work to the highest ethical standards at all times. They have many years of national and international experience and are qualified in working in the research, analytics, communication, commercial, community risk, theory of change / logical frameworks, management and fraud and corruption fields.

Sabre supports them to remain in the forefront of creating strong integrated practice area structures. Sabre’s team of associates are skilled, fluent in local languages and dialects and qualified to successfully plan, manage, monitor, capture intelligence data, and evaluate large scale development and research initiatives. Working with our associates, and other partners, we provide a range of checks and balances that enable our clients to find solutions to the risks facing them.

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