About Us

Sabre is a privately owned and independent business focused on South East Asia and Africa supporting intelligence-led solutions through due diligence investigations and social and commercial risk and impact assessments.  As companies with a greater geographical footprint look to expand into unknown territory with more challenging jurisdictions, or they are faced with dispute resolution, they need expert support in helping them gather intelligence on the ground. We have worked with national and global organisations, providing business intelligence for mergers and acquisitions, due diligence investigations for financial and social compliance in project development and intellectual property protection investigations across a variety of industries in both the private and public sectors.

Successful client relationships sometimes require a challenging conversation(s). Acting in a client’s best interests may require Sabre to reframe the challenge and does not necessarily mean saying yes to everything the client asks for, particularly if it does not deliver value and outcomes. We also aim to sustain our clients’ high performance over the long term. We listen and seek to understand our clients’ underlying interests and co-create relevant solutions to meet our clients’ long-term business objectives.

Sabre provides a comprehensive approach, delivering a tailored service, designed to meet a client’s specific requirements – there are varying degrees of risk requiring different responses. We work with you every step of the way, applying intelligence skills, knowledge and experience.  We identify the risks or the cause of something potentially going or gone wrong. We have created a vital framework that is flexible and delivers results to the client. Sabre does not advise, rather it provides an independent, confidential and unbiased intelligence research-based service allowing you, our client, to make better, informed decisions with confidence. 

Examples of a Diverse Range of Representative Cases and Clients

Major Bank

On behalf of a major Chinese bank, Sabre undertook a complex business intelligence and due diligence assignment in Kalimantan relating to a palm oil plantation mortgaged as security for loans to other companies. Sabre worked closely with the clients’ Indonesian legal counsel and was able to gather specific actionable intelligence to support the client to enforce the mortgage.

Private Investor

Sabre undertook an asset search and investigation for a Singaporean private equity house in its efforts to recover investment capital in a luxury villa development in Bali.

Australian Mining Company

On behalf of an Australian Mining Company Sabre successfully undertook a political, sovereign and social risks assessment in Gabon West Africa.

Pineapple Industry

On behalf of a Pineapple Industry Company (a subsidiary of a major Indonesian industrial and mining sector enterprise), Sabre successfully completed a 2-year social impact assessment and land acquisition project covering 80,000 ha of land in Marisa and Pohuwato, Gorontalo Province, Indonesia.

Australian Corporate

On behalf of a major Australian Corporate Sabre successfully completed a due diligence exercise covering six potential partners for the formation of a joint venture company in the civil engineering and construction sector.

Equity House

On behalf of a US equity house a due diligence project was successfully undertaken on a media and film company set up by a former Fox Networks Group president in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

International Pharmaceutical Company

Sabre successfully completed, on behalf of a major international pharmaceutical company, the identification of human and physical assets after an earthquake in Sumatra.